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How it works : coating


The long term focus on heat transfer applications by Basic Technical Paper provided an extensive know-how on extrusion technologies. We have secured the development for innovative product solutions that meet the demanding requirements in the market today and in the future.

Extruding different coatings enable the combination of diverse materials positive characteristics. Due to the diverse possible combinations, our coatings are available for almost every profile. The special requirements pertaining the fusing process in LASER PRINTING (Oil/Oil-les) technology or the sealability of inks (Dye/Pigmented) in the SUBLIMATION or INK JET (Piezo/Bubblejet) PRINTING can be met with our expertise. We believe in maximum quality output!

The adhesion level can be individually steered by internally developed recipes and production processes. This application-specific adhesion is essentially achieved regardless of the relevant fusing temperature.

These high-quality prints on Basic Technical Paper heat transfers guarantee a correspondingly high level of adhesion on any substrate it is developed for. The exposure to heat will represent the adhesive properties and therefore the level of durability of graphics on the chosen substrate.


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