No label paper

How it works : converting


Using a state of the art plant to convert our transfer paper with great care, ensure you a high quality end product.

The process of Unrolling, Printing (flexo-printing for large quantities and screen printing for small quantities), Winding, Cutting and Packing asks for reliable machines utilizing PE bag’s, kraft cartons to full colour gift packaging and shrink wrapping. We will always provide optimum protection against climatic, environmental and mechanical stresses. This will guarantee the save arrival of paper on each and everyone’s desk with the additional bonus of a good looking appearance of the package.
The consumer market asks for different volume and presentation in which we provide small custom sized packaging.
More industrial use is met by bulk packaging but this will always meet the quality standard we both stand for.
Rolls are customized in length, width, printed, labeled and packed to the demand of our clients.


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