No label paper

How it works : distribution

Warehouse logistics

Our warehouse is situated in the heart of Holland close to main port Rotterdam and Airport Schiphol Amsterdam. Our central position near the transit roads to the European hinterland enables us to make adequate and efficient use of all types of transport possibilities. This  excellent infrastructure in combination with a short reaction time in our warehouse will help us to get paper moving in the direction of our clients facilities as requested.

International transports

Whether you want Basic Technical Paper shipping your order by air, ocean or truck, we can show you how to reduce freight costs, shorten transit times and avoid penalties for non-compliance with customs regulations.
Some of our clients have 4 shipments a year. Some have 20 shipments – or more. We treat them all with the professionalism and care you would expect from a established company. Track and trace your shipment via interactive web-services of our approved shippers will give you real time view on the whereabouts of your transfer paper shipment.


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